This was a most interesting project which was done on behalf of the Parish of Swords under the direction of Robin Mandal of Meeting House Architects. Improper maintenance was the cause of most of the problems here as the annual build up of leaves in the gutters caused a massive build up of rain water that soaked back up under the lead and down the inside walls of the church. The walls had been dry lined with laths and lime mortar plaster so the damage did not become apparent until the timbers began to rot and a section of cornice actually fell from the ceiling over the altar.

Our remit was to open the wall, access the level of damage and give a price for the repairs. This included demolition, replacing the rotted timber work, re-plastering over 100m² of traditional lime mortar and replacing approximately 70m of very intricate plaster moulding. Our schedule was tight as Dublin City Council had a cut off point for the draw down of funds for the restoration. Happily we were able to meet the deadline, the funds were disbursed and the parishioners of Swords were back in their church for Christmas Services 2014.