I began my plaster apprenticeship in 1983 on site as was very common in those days and really enjoyed learning the trade in that very practical manner. However, an eight week block release course to the training college introduced me to the plaster moulding aspect of the trade and began a life long fascination with all things associated with the manufacture and installation of ornate plaster mouldings.

In 1996, an opportunity arose to open my own workshop and we felt that if we made every possible effort to do each job as well as we could it would provide a solid platform on which to build a sustainable business. This core principle has influenced our every decision and allied with thirty years experience it has given us the tools to successfully complete even the most complex jobs.

In our company there is no administrative layer and little waste. This allows our artisans to spend more time on the preparation, manufacture and installation of the moulding products while still remaining competitive on price. A distinct advantage we hold over most of our competitors is that we are all qualified plasterers skilled in the use of traditional line mortars, conventional plaster and modern acrylic finishes. This allows us, particularly with restoration work, to take on the full job giving the contractor or owner one point of contact and critically one point of responsibility.

We will be pleased to assist in any enquiries in relation to plaster moulding. All jobs, from large public buildings to small private residences, will receive our unrivalled attention to detail.

Mise le meas

Ciarán Kelly