Contractor: Douglas and Stewart Ltd. Contact Ciarán Redmond 087-230 8465

Consultant: Stanhope Gate Architects, London

Cost: €680,000


This job is by far the biggest and longest running job we have ever undertaken having started in February of 2016 it is not scheduled to finish until late April 2018. The bespoke plaster moulding package worth in excess of € 200,000.00 was of a highly complex nature and had to be taken through all the stages from conceptual, sculpting in clay, making rubber moulds, casting in plaster, transportation and final installation. The external plaster, too, was very interesting as the specific material was a product called Thermocromix. A synthetic, breathable, one hundred percent waterproof and pre coloured material made by St. Astier. It conforms to all conservation standards and is an amazing marriage of modern technology and traditional characteristics in a render coat.