The elegance, warmth and beauty that ornamental plaster mouldings add to any space cannot be overstated and it is true to say that the possibilities are unlimited. As some of the images on our website illustrate, the clever use of panel mouldings in conjunction with plaster cornice, coving and ceiling roses can create an old world atmosphere of real charm. From the drawing rooms of Ireland’s finest country homes to the most humble cottage parlour, any room will benefit from the addition of plaster mouldings. It is our earnest hope that from our extensive inventory you can choose that “perfect mould’ that will continue to enhance your premises for generations to come.

Mise le meas,
Ciarán Kelly

Ireland’s Plaster Coving Specialists

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Experts in Restoring Irelands Finest Architecture

With over 30 years of experience, we have worked on various churches and period houses, bringing them back to their former glory.
Our projects have included repairing water damage, removing dirt and grime and recreating broken or missing elements from cornice, coving and ceiling roses. We treat each of our restoration projects with the utmost care and attention to detail, in addition to working within time-frames and specified budgets.
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